The trattoria opened in the first half of the last century. It started out as a simple inn, run by a retired fireman who never gave it a name. For this reason, its customers called it “Al Pompiere” (The Fireman’s), in honour of the innkeeper and founder.

Over the years, the inn has changed hands many times, it has been enlarged and new dishes have been included in its menu.

From 2011 the only owner is the chef Marco Dandrea, who has been running the trattoria with other owners since 2000.

It is a stylish restaurant with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, wooden furniture and black and white photos on the walls. One of the corners of the main dining room holds 35 different types of cold cuts: Natalino is a true connoisseur and will advise you which one to choose. Next to this corner, there is the cheese counter with approximately a hundred typologies of Italian cheese. Seating is for approximately 50 people: the main dining room can hold up to 35 while the smaller one holds 15 people.